Education Marketing Strategy & Program Management

Need to plan or improve an initiative? Is your goal to drive enrollment or to build partnerships? We can support every phase of your project—from strategy and testing to launch and measurement.

Program Strategy & Management

Will the education market embrace your concept, program, product, or service? How does it relate to and support current education trends and imperatives—and today’s educators, school administrators, and students? Plan, develop, and deliver education marketing strategies, programs and initiatives that educators need and value by partnering with MMS Education. Our services include:

  • Education Marketing Strategy, Program Design and Implementation. We can assist you in developing a concept or mission into a program/initiative that schools will embrace. We also can design and execute the marketing strategy that will help you reach the right decision-makers and users.
  • Strategic Communications and Outreach. From issue-framing reports and topical briefs on current educational issues and opportunities to in-school communications that drive program use, we can help you demonstrate thought leadership, inform decision-makers, and engage educators and schools.
  • Events and Gatherings. Whether a strategic roundtable meeting, a national summit, or a celebratory gala to reward and recognize student leaders and program champions, well-planned and -executed events achieve program goals, drive action, and get people talking for all the right reasons.
  • Education Market Research and Strategy Evaluation. We can help determine whether your idea is market-feasible, assess the competitive landscape, calculate potential ROI, and monitor and analyze ongoing and final activities and results to demonstrate positive outcomes.

If you’d like to make the most of your education marketing strategy, concept, program, product, or service, please contact us.

Custom Software & Digital Solutions for the Education Market

Custom Software
& Digital Solutions

Our digital solutions include customized software development and data integration services. These tools help you create, enhance, track, and analyze your education programs and initiatives.
Customer & Product Support

Customer &
Product Support

Long-lasting relationships with educators and schools revolve around the daily experience. Our support teams go beyond answers and trouble-shooting to enhance every aspect of the user experience.