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We know how schools work. We understand how to engage stakeholders,
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MMS Education helps nonprofits, foundations and companies advance their social missions

Since 1977, MMS Education has worked with for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations to help them make a positive impact in the education market – and ultimately advance their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

MMS Education takes great pride in developing ground-breaking CSR programs that yield measurable results and advance our clients’ social impact in schools nationwide. Our clients engage educators and students around a diverse set of issues within the education setting including: health & wellness, STEAM, physical activity and fitness, entrepreneurship and disabilities.

Program Strategy & Management

Program Strategy & Management

Need to plan or improve an initiative? Is your goal to drive enrollment or to build partnerships? We can support every phase of your project—from strategy and testing to launch and measurement.
Custom Software & Digital Solutions

Custom Software & Digital Solutions

Our digital solutions include customized software development and data integration services. These tools help you create, enhance, track, and analyze your education programs and initiatives.
Customer & Product Support

Customer & Product Support

Long-lasting relationships with educators and schools revolve around the daily experience. Our support teams go beyond answers and trouble-shooting to enhance every aspect of the user experience.
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GENYOUth/50 State Report

GENYOUth needed a way to share the reach and engagement of its health and wellness programs on a state-by-state basis. With more than seven years of program data, in-depth information about participating schools, and leveraging the latest technology for data visualization, MMS created a dynamic... Read More

When we have a need, MMS doesn’t just pull a solution off the shelf; they have the knowledge and flexibility to structure something that works for us.

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