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Custom Software
& Digital Solutions

Our digital solutions include customized software development and data integration services. These tools help you create, enhance, track, and analyze your education programs and initiatives.

Custom Software & Digital Solutions

Support you stakeholders and customers with custom software and digital solutions for your organization or program. Built upon an infrastructure that includes more than 180,000 educational institutions in the U.S. and Canada, our custom software offers immediate access to the education market at the school, district, and county levels. All platforms are tailored for your needs, scaling to meet your budget and other requirements.

  • Customizable dashboards display key metrics for each stakeholder audience
  • Custom analytics allow your organization to analyze engagement and measure outcomes
  • All software platforms comply with student privacy requirements at the national and state levels
  • Responsive design delivers an optimum user experience on laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Our custom applications offer automatic integration with district information

With deep expertise in the education market, MMS can develop a custom software and/or digital solution that gives you all of those benefits. Put simply, we know school data, regulations, privacy concerns, and how to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders. We’ve encountered the vast variety of technical set-ups among school districts—no two are exactly alike—and we know how to work with them. Every project begins by understanding your organization’s goals, challenges, target audiences, and constraints. Then, we create custom software and digital solutions that help you manage, measure, and monitor success. These projects have included:

  • Student fitness assessment platform with role-based dashboard and district data interoperability
  • Student health and wellness program website, educator and student dashboard, and administrative/analytics system
  • Student entrepreneurial and leadership development platform, integrated with a Content Management System and a secure, moderated student/mentor communications tool
  • Customizable grant management system, including online application and administrative portal for application review, approval, and reporting
  • Using EdReach, our proprietary information management platform, CRM and reporting services, for school market sales support

If you’d like to make the most of your concept, program, product, or service, please contact us to learn more about our custom software and digital solutions for the education market.

Education Marketing Strategy

Education Marketing Strategy & Program Management

Need to plan or improve an initiative? Is your goal to drive enrollment or to build partnerships? We can support every phase of your project—from strategy and testing to launch and measurement.
Customer & Product Support

Customer &
Product Support

Long-lasting relationships with educators and schools revolve around the daily experience. Our support teams go beyond answers and trouble-shooting to enhance every aspect of the user experience.