Market Research: The knowledge to connect you
to opportunities in the education market.

A well-formed strategy often reflects quantitative and qualitative market research, the type of research MMS Education has been doing on behalf of our clients for more than 35 years, specifically in the school market.

We can help you gather data and feedback about your products, programs, and audience—and provide the strategic analysis and recommendations you need to move forward.

Our market research can help you:

  • Identify market trends that impact your organization and programs
  • Position your organization’s unique advantages
  • Evaluate the development and viability of educational products or programs
  • Reveal educators’ and school administrators’ perceptions of your products or programs and how they impact decisions
  • Measure and evaluate product and program utilization
  • Quantify your reach in the market, including the specific characteristics of districts, schools, educators, and students that interact with your products and programs
  • Make better, more informed decisions and smarter investments

  • Brand awareness studies
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Product pilot testing
  • Product development research
  • Utilization and impact studies
  • Market and trend analyses
  • Competitive analyses
  • Program evaluation

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth telephone interviews
  • Market scans
  • Online surveys
  • Pilot testing
  • Printed surveys and questionnaires
  • Telephone surveys
  • Advisory panels

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