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What’s Happening In The School Budget Cycle In October?

To help you navigate the complex, and often daunting, school budget cycle, we’ve put together our School Budget Cycle Monthly Blog Series. In this series we’ll share info each month on what’s happening in schools, the stage of the budget cycle they’re in, and what you can do to achieve your goals.

The back-to-school rush may be winding down, but when it comes to school budgets, many things are happening. The federal fiscal year begins on October 1, and this is an especially important year to pay attention to what is happening in Washington and how that could affect education in the United States. Check out this infographic from Agile Education Marketing that provides key insights and details on federal education funding for the 2017–18 fiscal year.

Schools are also already starting to look toward the future and how their budgets will be impacted by external factors out of their control. During the month of October, many administrators are beginning to build out their budgets for approvals in May and June. They’re continuing to evaluate their programs, priorities, and goals.

Here are some items for your to-do list:
* Be sure to follow reputable news sources for information on what is happening in the U.S. government as it relates to education and its possible impact on your product or program.
* Now is a great time to make some big pushes in your marketing and sales campaigns. Conducting outreach now can make your product or program top of mind, which is a good place to be when budgets are being discussed.
* Begin preparing now for your November outreach. Remember, with the holiday season approaching, the first two weeks in November are key for getting out your message.

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You can also check out our School Budget Cycle Planning Guide, which includes information for each month of the year.

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