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What’s Happening In The School Budget Cycle In August?

To help you navigate the complex, and often daunting, school budget cycle, we’ve put together our School Budget Cycle Monthly Blog Series. In this series we’ll share info each month on what’s happening in schools, the stage they’re in in the budget cycle, and what you can do to achieve your goals.

August is a very active time for schools. Many school districts in the southern and western parts of the United States have start dates as early as the first or second week in August while states in the northeast tend to begin later in August or early September.

During this time, administrators and educators are quickly getting ready for the upcoming school year to start. There may be a heightened level of pressure around this time to ensure everything will be ready to go when school starts.

Some Items for Your To-Do List:


  •       Do some research into the school start dates in the areas you’ll be marketing to. Make sure you’re aligned with school open times.
  •       August can be hectic. Ensure your outbound marketing efforts are strategic to avoid getting lost in the back to school rush.

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