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What’s The Key To Successfully Selling Your Custom Education Solutions?

The biggest key to successfully promoting your custom education solutions is to speak to educators the right way – so they will listen. Here’s how you can solve this one major communication factor to make headway with your selling your custom solutions.

Get to the point

Teachers don’t stop being teachers after hours. They take their work home with them—and are often grading homework, tests, and essays, all while balancing their own lives. It’s important that your message gets right to the point. What are you asking them to do, and what’s in it for them? If you clearly tell them why your custom education solution could make their lives easier and improve their students’ learning – they’ll listen.

Be clear and concise

Educators want simple solutions for how to streamline and increase effectiveness, so don’t overdo it. Demonstrate what you are offering them, what they will gain from using your program/product, and how they can further engage with your product in a way that not only benefits them but also their students.

It’s a conversation

Think of it as a candid, casual conversation between friends—not a presentation. Anticipate what questions teachers might have, and be prepared with answers. Do not think of this interaction as a sales pitch, and don’t hound them into trying your product. That approach will not work. Trust us, we’ve seen it fail.

Gain and demonstrate knowledge

Demonstrate knowledge and interest by knowing your target audience; find out what they teach and why they enjoy that particular subject. Use that knowledge to segue into how your custom education solution could make a positive impact on their teaching. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone. Knowing your target audience will support success.

Be timely and relevant

Schools have a different schedule than most other businesses. Their breaks are different, and therefore educators’ schedules vary. Find out when the school is closed for breaks, holidays, and when other events are occurring, and launch your campaign or product at a time that will work best for educators.

Remain objective—avoid perspective

As with many professional situations, don’t bring your opinion into the conversation. Educators don’t want to hear your personal opinion about the state of education. Stick to the facts about your product and let it shine and impress—avoid saying something that could be perceived incorrectly.

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