Project Profiles

Verizon Innovative Learning app challenge

The Verizon Innovative Learning app challenge, a nationwide STEM competition from the Verizon Foundation, challenges middle and high school students to develop concepts for mobile apps that solve a problem in their community. It is hands-on and teaches collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and entrepreneurship, along with STEM skills and coding, and helps expose students to an ever-growing and promising industry. While participation was steadily growing, they wanted and needed more awareness and engagement, so they turned to MMS.

MMS conducted targeted, personalized outreach to educational associations and nonprofit organizations with a member base that would benefit from hearing about and engaging in the app challenge. Drafting and sharing key messages, social media posts and promotional materials with these nonprofit audiences, MMS aided in increasing app challenge participation among nonprofit organizations by 56%. Additionally, the app challenge saw an overall growth of 46% in submitted concepts over the previous year.

To help guide program strategy, MMS provided market research by conducting an in-depth analysis of the app challenge database, uncovering key insights into who participates, where they’re from, and the demographics that make them up, enabling Verizon to utilize this information in planning for future competitions.

Additionally, MMS provided support through the development of resources, including a quick-start guide for team advisors; an informational one-sheet for Verizon employees providing details about the competition that they can share with their friends and families; marketing themes, messaging and social media posts developed through interviews with educator “champions”; a “how-to” video showcasing the app challenge’s 2015 Fan Favorite winning team sharing their tips and tricks for generating votes; and an animated video for middle and high school students providing them with key information on intellectual property law and how it affects their app concepts.