Project Profiles

Fuel Up To Play 60

GENYOUth/Fuel Up to Play 60

MMS Education has supported several funding initiatives for schools that promote health and wellness, leveraging our custom-designed online system/infrastructure for identifying, selecting, distributing, and monitoring the implementation and results of school-based grants.

To date, the system has been used to successfully distribute and track nearly $22 million in mini-grants provided to schools by GENYOUth/Fuel Up to Play 60 and partners ChildObesity180, Presidential Youth Fitness Program (President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition), Nike, General Mills, Heinz Foundation, Michigan Department of Education, and others. The system includes a highly customizable online application and review/selection system, which is linked to a robust school-market database containing detailed demographic and related information about all U.S. schools; customizable grantee reporting forms and protocols; and the ability to interface with clients’ accounting offices.