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Schoolwide, Inc., (Schoolwide) offers a research-based and proven literacy program with over 100 units of study, 10,000+ lessons and assessments, and over 1,000 short texts and eBooks to improve reading, writing and fundamental literacy skills.

Schoolwide engaged with MMS to help expand awareness of its brand and increase subscriptions to its digital curriculum platform, Fundamentals Unlimited, and its new eLearning Units of Study, which were developed specifically for virtual learning. Schoolwide’s executive team asked MMS to create a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to cultivate upsell opportunities with current print-only customers, identify and maximize outreach to target districts, and improve the overall efficiency of its marketing efforts.

What we did.
  • Developed a multi-channel marketing strategy to promote and engage current subscribers and recruit new subscribers.
  • Expanded marketing efforts into new channels to increase awareness among new educators.
  • Crafted tailored messages and customer journeys to reach segmented audiences using multi-channel tactics and customized landing pages.
  • Designed landing pages with lead capture forms, custom multimedia content and promotional offers.
  • Managed marketing campaigns to maximize reach, engagement and conversions using email, organic social media posts and Facebook ads.
With MMS as its marketing partner, in just six months Schoolwide:
  • Realized a 75% increase in new registrations on monthly teacher webinars.
  • Improved prospect email open rates to 30%.
  • Launched a new monthly video lesson distribution channel and grew the subscriber list to more than 200 in 60 days.

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