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NFL FLAG-In-School, a GENYOUth project supported by the National Football League Foundation, increases physical activity of youth by providing FLAG football resources to underserved communities.

In 2014, GENYOUth, in partnership with the NFL and the NFL Foundation, launched the NFL FLAG-In-School program to support high-quality PE and grow opportunities for students to be physically active before, during and after school. Schools apply for a chance to receive a turnkey kit of FLAG football resources. MMS helped build the concept, launched the program and provided implementation support.

What we did.
  • Provided strategic direction on the development of the program, including NFL FLAG-In-School Kits.
  • Updated annual plans to build upon prior years' successes to ensure the program continues to meet the needs of educators and students.
  • Created and managed the online application for educators to request FLAG-In-School Kits.
  • Managed the application process, including reviewing and approving applications, and coordinated the distribution of Kits with the vendor.
  • Drafted and deployed marketing communications to educators, including outreach about the application, notification of application status, and tracking information.
  • Stored and managed data to provide penetration reporting to the client, the NFL and NFL teams.
  • Conducted research to measure and evaluate the program’s success and areas for improvement.
  • Developed an online impact report to showcase the program's success.
  • Provided project management and support on the creation of new digital NFL FLAG-In-School training modules, developed in partnership with SHAPE America.
"You couldn't ask for a better team in your corner. From research and data collection to program support, monitoring and communications, MMS Education is the backbone that maintains and elevates all our programs."
Lauren Izzo, Vice President, Programs GENYOUth
  • Over 24,000 NFL FLAG-In-School Kits valued at nearly $11 million have been awarded to more than 20,000 school communities across the country, allowing upwards of 13 million students the opportunity to play flag football.
  • 98% of educators who received the Kit are using it in their P.E. classes.
  • 85% of student participants report they either “love” or “like” their school’s FLAG program.
  • Since 2018, 250,000+ total engagements with creative marketing email campaign deployed to eligible applicants during application time frames.
  • All 32 NFL Clubs are actively involved with the program and work directly with schools to place Kits and provide training each year.

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