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Understanding the market and what drives it is key to building a successful business and product roadmap. It’s not enough to just conduct a survey or talk to a few customers; instead, this kind of deep knowledge requires a custom and complex series of research efforts that all build towards actionable insights. It starts with foundational knowledge around the trends, competitive landscape, decision-makers and end-users, funding, and legislative landscape. From there, qualitative research sharpens the understanding of market dynamics and fills in the important color and nuances. Finishing the foundational research with a complex and data-rich quantitative survey creates the essential confidence that business decisions are thorough and evidence-backed.

What we did.
Loyola Press engaged with MMS to conduct various research efforts:
  • An environmental market scan, competitive analysis, and customer research to gather insights about trends in the K-12 language arts market, the competitive landscape, funding challenges, and decision-maker personas.
  • One-on-one interviews with stakeholders and experts in the supplemental ELA market to provide deep perspectives on the ELA market and project goals.
  • An asynchronous online bulletin board focus group with customers and non-customers led by an experienced moderator to explore brand perceptions, barriers and opportunities in the public-school market, product insights, competitive comparisons, and the buying process.
  • A quantitative survey including various segments such as customers and non customers, decision-makers, and educators, to develop market intelligence that builds on the qualitative insights.
  • A comprehensive report to compile and to connect all the research components into a single, digestible report with key findings and recommendations.
"We tried doing research internally in the past, but always ended up with a motley mixture of unaligned feedback that was plagued by unintended consequences. The team at MMS took our issues to heart and dove into the trenches with us. They asked tough questions while challenging assumptions thereby creating lively and intelligent discussion at every planning meeting from start to finish.”
John Christensen, Vice President,Sales and Marketing, Loyola Press
As a result of the research conducted by MMS, Loyola Press was able to:
  • Engage with their leadership teams across business functions to demonstrate the importance of using research to guide and inform decisions.
  • Develop a deep internal knowledge base of the K-12 ELA market to inform the multi-year strategic plans for sales and marketing, product development, and editorial teams.
  • Understand the competitive landscape and identify areas of strength, weakness, and similarity among competitors.
  • Identify areas of priority on which to focus their valuable resources.
  • Connect research insights to sales and marketing opportunities.

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