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GENYOUth needed an efficient way to be able to communicate to stakeholders and partners the impact and reach of their school-based programs. Since many of their partners and potential funders have an interest in funding schools within particular geographic areas, it was important that their team have regional breakdowns of this information at their fingertips. 

Having designed and managed data collection and analysis for these programs in districts and schools across the United States for over a decade, combined with our technical expertise, MMS was in a unique position to help.

What we did.
  • Worked closely with GENYOUth and DMI to determine primary audiences for the reports and define what would be most interesting to them, including demographics and impact on underserved communities.
  • Combined and categorized data points and KPIs from multiple programs to tell cohesive and compelling stories.
  • Designed easy-to-digest visual layouts that communicate a large amount of information on a single page, including grant information, impact, reach, demographics and types of school improvements the programs helped support.
  • Organized and consolidated information from multiple data sources, including some that were collected offline, into a single data set that can be filtered by state and easily updated as needed.
  • Used as a reference by GENYOUth and the nation’s local dairy councils to illustrate the breadth of programs and impact to the general public, farmers and funding partners like the NFL, NFL Foundation, Nike, Subway, Land O’Lakes, PepsiCo, Domino’s Pizza, Albertsons Companies Foundation, The Cooper Institute and United Healthcare.
  • The original GENYOUth 50 State Report proved so useful to stakeholders that GENYOUth requested impact reports for other initiatives:

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