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GENYOUth set out to create a program to empower passionate students to address the health and wellness issues they observed in their schools and communities. AdVenture Capital (AdCap), a GENYOUth project, encourages, funds, supports and rewards students aged 13+ for their social entrepreneurship. Throughout the research and pilot phase of the program, MMS served as an industry expert and advisor to the program team and upon launch, created a dynamic platform.

Along with founding sponsor SAP, GENYOUth wanted a digital platform where enterprising students could create and submit their project plans for funding and support. The platform would also need to provide educators, volunteer mentors and program administrators with tools to review, approve and support the innovative ideas of these developing young leaders. MMS led the user experience design and built the platform for the AdCap digital home, and developed resources, marketing and communications to support educators whose students participate in the program.

What we did.
Working collaboratively with GENYOUth and partner agencies, MMS:
  • Provided strategic input on the initial design and ongoing evolution of the program.
  • Developed an interactive, mobile-friendly digital platform allowing students to transform their innovative ideas into an implementation plan.
  • Collaborated with educators to create online tools, giving advisors the ability to set up and monitor student teams in the classroom or with school clubs.
  • Built a set of administrative tools used by the AdCap program team to review, approve and fund student projects, provide support to students and educators, and manage website content.
  • Created educator-facing program resources and communications.
  • Built dynamic reports to demonstrate the impact of the program to corporate and community partners.
  • Over 1,500 projects have been pitched and developed with the support of 1,100+ corporate volunteer mentors, impacting 650+ school communities.
  • $850,000 has been awarded to fund student projects, and $550,000 of support has been invested in developing youth leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Since 2015, SAP has been committed to supporting AdCap as a presenting sponsor.
  • The program and platform have attracted support from companies that see the value of investing in the power of youth to solve real-world challenges including Corteva Agriscience, Domino’s, Dannon Institute, Land O’Lakes and United Healthcare.

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