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About Kymberlee:
Kymberlee joined MMS Education in 2015. As Associate of Client Solutions, Kymberlee organizes events and meetings within the MMS office, manages facilities, staffs reception and assists in project management and administration. 

Kymberlee’s favorite part of her job is being the go-to person to support a wide variety of projects for clients. She is an instrumental member of the company culture team at MMS.

Prior to joining MMS, Kymberlee earned a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from West Chester University and her certification in litigation from the Philadelphia Institute for Paralegal Studies. As a certified paralegal, she held a variety of positions, including Director of Client Relations for the Law Offices of Jordan S. Katz and Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Supervisor at Fairbanks Capital/Select Portfolio Servicing, dedicating her career to overseeing detailed projects and coordinating events between internal teams and clients.

Outside the office, Kymberlee is a fitness enthusiast, teaching classes and attending several others. She also enjoys reading and watching television.

Childhood Dream Job: English teacher

If Kymberlee had a million dollars to spend on helping students: Kymberlee would fund arts, music and physical education programs in schools. Such initiatives would give students opportunities to think outside the box, express themselves and incorporate movement into their routines. These programs would also provide students with well-rounded educational experiences to discover their passions and potential paths for the future. 


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