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About Bridget:
Bridget joined MMS in 2011. As Vice President of Finance, Bridget oversees all of the company’s finances, which includes cash management, financial statements and payroll.

Bridget’s favorite parts of the job are seeing clients achieve their goals through MMS projects, meeting budgets and bringing all financial materials together at the end. By working on the financial side, Bridget enjoys bringing budgets and numbers to life and effecting positive change for students and schools.

Prior to joining MMS, Bridget earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Holy Family University and an Associate’s degree in Accounting from Bucks County Community College. She worked in finance for Managed Benefit Strategies, Inc., Buckingham Insurance Services, MetLife and the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs; she also operated her own bookkeeping business for small companies. With more than 25 years of experience in finance, Bridget enjoys finding new ways to innovate with each project and program.

In her free time, Bridget loves all things outdoors, including walking on the beach or along the canal, hiking, boating and visiting new places. 

Childhood Dream Job: Professional chocolate taster

If Bridget had a million dollars to spend on helping students: Bridget would maximize funding opportunities by finding a matching partner and working with lawmakers to level the playing field for schools in all communities by providing technology, teachers and supplies. Bridget would also expand community partnerships to offer students a variety of learning experiences to help them create goals.


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