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How to Recognize Educators

Educators are going above and beyond when they invest their time and energy in any activities that are outside of their normal day-to-day routine. That’s why it is paramount to recognize their efforts and make them feel valued for participating in your nonprofit education program. If they feel valued, they are likely to continue their interest and support. Here are some great ideas for how to recognize educators:

Simply say “thanks” to them

Never underestimate the power of just taking the time to say “thank you,”—and you don’t have to re-invent the wheel to do it. Carve out some space in your existing communication schedule (i.e. your weekly newsletter or planned social media posts), and dedicate that space to saying a simple “thank you” to all of the educators that take the time to show their support or involvement. Call out the changes that stem from their commitment, and the positive impact they are having. Make them feel like they are a member of an elite group, and that this “thank you” is just for them.

Promote their success

Are the educators you are working with making a positive, lasting impact on their school or community? Perhaps they are improving their effectiveness in the classroom by leaps and bounds? Promote it! Share that success with external audiences, and when you do, highlight the educator support that you are getting. You might choose to acknowledge a specific educator or a group of educators from a single district—that’s up to you. Think of it as a testimonial, only you showcase the educator’s success for them. And of course, don’t forget to share with them that you are recognizing them in this way!

Help them brag

Educators are very busy, we know that. They are always thinking about their school, their students, their plans, the community, but they don’t often have the time to think of (let alone promote) themselves. A great way to recognize educators is to, quite frankly, help them brag. Or even better—help them brag for you!

Give them the tools they need to showcase the positive impact they are having regarding your product or services. Create a communications package for them that supports them in sharing with their principal, their superintendent, or parents in the community. The package might include a template email that they can customize and send. Equip them with statistics that show the impact they are having, or include different types of media such as images or video.

Not only will educators greatly appreciate this type of support, having educators share their experience in this way promotes your program with minimal work on your part. By helping them brag, you will be supporting recognition, as well as strong promotion for your company. It’s a no-brainer!

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