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Educators as Superheroes: How to Make Educators Using Your Program Feel Like Stars

Educators often feel undervalued and under-appreciated. As a nonprofit looking to support educators and their students, it’s important for you to leave a positive impression about your product or program in order to get educators on your side from the start.

By being focused on your goals and presenting innovative solutions to educators that will make an impact in their school and in the lives of their students, you are sure to have a positive return. But it does not end there. Here are some tips to keeping educators happy, engaged, and coming back.

Reward commitment

Teachers are making time for your program. Take note of it. Send them a thank-you note or email, or offer a special online badge or certificate to mark their years of participation. Update it quarterly or each year. Showing them you recognize their annual commitment to your program will make them feel appreciated and that they are part of your “club.”

Recognize their achievements

Identify teachers who are who are going the extra mile with your program. Look for the person who is making a difference. Maybe he or she goes above and beyond or does little things that make a large impact. Send prizes to those who are excelling.

Provide incentives

Having incentives provides educators with a goal to strive for. The incentive could be anything that provides a reward for the educators and their students which could be as simple as a printed certificate. When you have something the teacher can share with their students that helps to create a shared goal, it goes a long way. Remember they are in it for the kids, so while rewarding the teacher is a nice thing to do, extending the reward to their students is a bonus.

Share their stories

Invite educators to share their experience with your product or program with other educators via speaking engagements, interviews, and social media. This puts your “heroes” in the spotlight and helps others see how they might benefit from your program or product.

Spread the word

Don’t hesitate to praise your educators in newsletters, bulletin boards, videos, emails, and at public events. Share their accomplishments—it’s a great way to recognize them and it can serve as a marketing tool for you, too.

Any marketing strategies you can employ to demonstrate what your product is about while praising those who use it is smart. It demonstrates that while your nonprofit is working hard, you also have educators who are working hard with your program and achieving goals. This shows that it’s not just about the success of your nonprofit, but the success of those using your program—educators and their students.

MMS Education has worked with nonprofits to bring products and programs to schools for more than 40 years. We can help you start to see success with educators and help you cultivate your “heroes,” too.

Call us today at 866-382-6116 or fill out this form to see how MMS Education can help you reach, engage, and measure impact in the pre-K–12 education market.

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