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The Three Rs of Custom Education Solutions

Many of us remember our schoolteachers focusing on the “three Rs”: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. Today, K–12 school systems have broadened their academic focus to include new curriculum aimed at helping students keep pace in a modern world — everything from environmental sciences to emerging technology. When designing custom education solutions for today’s K–12 marketplace, it is important to broaden the focus of your programs and include a new set of “Rs”: relief, recovery, and revitalization.

Relief:  Teachers, school administrators, and school boards are stretched thin. Budgets are tightening while classroom sizes inflate. Often, school systems rely on private-sector organizations to provide programs that address the specific needs of the school community. When designing a customized education solution, start with the school system and the issues it is trying to address, and identify how your solution can provide that needed relief.

Recovery:  Students who fall behind — either due to poor academic performance or due to illness or an emergency that pulls them out of school — often have a difficult time catching up after the setback. Being kept back or even dropping out is too often the unfortunate result. Consider how your organization can boost the outcomes of struggling students. 

Revitalization:  Perhaps the school systems are part of a broader revitalization initiative taking place in your community. As more and more communities — both large and small — experience rapid rejuvenation, school systems enjoy a renewal of their own. Communities and schools are strategic partners in this rebirth. How can your organization join that partnership? What resources and programs can you contribute to optimize growth? Or perhaps your community’s school system recognizes that it needs some revitalization but doesn’t know where to begin — how can your program get things started?

Your organization may want to focus on particular areas of need, of course. Like infrastructure or technology improvements, for example. Or the school system you want to partner with may have a unique need or opportunity based on its location, local businesses, or the demographics of the community. In any case, whether you want to implement a custom education solution as an organization, as part of a public/private partnership, or as part of a large and growing “ecosystem,” your education solution must be well researched, well designed, expertly implemented, continually monitored and, eventually, refined. You’ll probably need assistance.

Research, Recommendation, Re-envisioning, Refinement, and Recalibration

When MMS Education assists clients interested in developing a custom education solution for their communities, we bring a lot of other “Rs” to the table. We’ve been involved in the education market for more than 40 years, and our results speak for themselves. We follow a very specific path when working with clients, yet each path is unique based on the objectives of the client, the needs of the K–12 market, and the pulse of the community.

It all starts with a conversation. We listen to you, seek to understand your mission, learn your goals and objectives, identify your concerns and challenges, and even explore your past successes and “could have gone betters.”

Then we review, analyze, and evaluate all available information, synthesizing that data and identifying your unique opportunities and options. From that data and analysis, we make our recommendations. If you like what you hear and want us to help (and we’re pretty confident you will), then the real work begins. We discover everything we can about the impact you want to make, develop a detailed plan, a road map to success, and ways to measure that success. We help you implement the program, monitor and report on its progress, evaluate both our own performance and that of the program, and then make any refinements needed to improve every outcome. Finally, we recalibrate — to raise the bar to ensure we achieve client objectives.

Clients choose MMS Education because of our deep understanding of the education market, backed by more than four decades of working with schools, school districts, and administrators. Call us today at 800-523-5948 for a complimentary consultation or fill out this form to see how MMS Education can help you reach, engage, and measure impact in the K–12 education market.

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