3 Tips to Improving ROI with Email Marketing from Philly’s Digital Summit

Posted: Sep 26, 2018
The 2018 Digital Marketing Summit in Philadelphia brought together hundreds of seasoned marketers, strategists, and designers to share ideas about the latest marketing trends and learn best practices from each other over the course of two days... read more

The ABC’s Of Education-Focused CSR Programs

Posted: Sep 19, 2018
Employee engagement and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are two important cornerstones of any corporation. Study after study demonstrates the benefits of social responsibility when it comes to employee engagement, as well as the growing need... read more

My Key Takeaways from Philly’s Digital Summit – Debra Jean Mercer

Posted: Sep 19, 2018
By Debra Jean Mercer, Marketing Communications Manager As Marketing Communications Manager, I work to ensure that I am overlooking nothing, thinking creatively and strategically, and considering every detail. I've "cooked up" my key takeaways from... read more

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Is Important To Your Bottom Line

Posted: Sep 13, 2018
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is your corporation's proactive and strategic means of engaging with the surrounding community to make a positive impact on the environment, institutions, and individuals within it. It generally applies more to... read more

The 2018 Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit

Posted: Sep 11, 2018
About 10 years ago, Dairy Management Inc. — a trade organization that promotes the consumption of dairy products — asked MMS Education to help them develop a program that would increase physical activity and healthy eating in youth across the... read more

Need to Measure the Impact of Your CSR Programs? Ask Yourself These Key Questions

Posted: Sep 5, 2018
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are very important, and their impact can be tremendous. As you move forward with your organization's program, you can easily measure its impact by asking three simple questions. This will ensure you're... read more

What I Did on My Summer “Vacation”

Posted: Aug 17, 2018
by Stacey Moyers, Sr. Vice President, Client Services, MMS Education You’ve seen the story. Most Americans are not using their vacation days. I’m proud to say that this summer my husband and I not only used the days, but we used them to be part... read more

You Can’t Beat the Competition Unless You Know the Competition In Education

Posted: Jan 31, 2018
In the education industry, countless products, programs, and services vie for attention. This variety of options benefits both educators and students alike. But as a company providing those products and programs, it can be hard to break through the... read more

Is It Time for an Audit of Your Education Marketing? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted: Jan 26, 2018
As with anything, your marketing efforts can become stale over time. Maybe you’re starting to notice that your campaigns aren’t doing as well as they’ve done in the past. Or, you’ve been charged with coming up with new, fresh ideas to market... read more

Partnering Youth and Educator Strategy

Posted: Jan 10, 2018
It may seem like once you get your product or program inside of the school building your job is done, but it is equally important that you continue to work to win over the audiences inside the building—the students and educators—once your... read more