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3 Tips to Improving ROI with Email Marketing from Philly’s Digital Summit

The 2018 Digital Marketing Summit in Philadelphia brought together hundreds of seasoned marketers, strategists, and designers to share ideas about the latest marketing trends and learn best practices from each other over the course of two days through networking, presentations, videos, and exhibit booths.

In my role at MMS Education, one of my main responsibilities when working on projects for clients is effectively communicating to our audiences via email and more often than not, this comes with the stressor of how will my email perform AND gather an impressive ROI? Here are a few tips I took away from the summit.
To start, we can all agree that email marketing holds impressive benefits for almost any industry because of its cost-effectiveness, ability to create awareness, and of course, measurability.
But how do we improve ROI with email marketing?

1. Segment your list!
How you segment your list is completely up to you, however, most agree that by segmenting your audience, it will allow you to send more targeted emails and therefore drastically improve your campaign results. Segmenting also increases the relevance of your message to different groups. Different ways to divide your list include geography, behavioral data and history, and user engagement.

2. Personalize the in-box experience!
Make your emails more applicable to your audience. For instance, start by putting the email recipient’s first name either in the subject line or in the greeting of the email. This personalization creates an immediate connection between you and the recipient. This small change can increase email click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

3. Automate!
Set up data-triggered and/or automated behavioral emails. These can include a “Welcome!” email when someone joins or makes a first purchase or if it is someone’s birthday or anniversary of signing up with your organization. Behavior-based emails can be sent based on tracking what the person has been searching for on the Internet. To learn more about how MMS Education can help you improve ROI with your email marketing, contact us today.

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