Project Profiles

Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP)

MMS Education has supported PYFP in many ways over the years, from marketing outreach and funds administration to website development, data management and reporting.

When PYFP found that their well-designed website was not performing as expected with key audience groups, they turned to MMS’s marketing and digital teams to assess where the barriers might be and to expand and enrich the content on the site.

After interviewing PYFP staff about the feedback they’d received from educators, MMS designed and revamped the website architecture and template layout, including new navigation that helps guide educators and administrators through the steps needed to implement PYFP in their schools. MMS also provided PYFP with marketing services, including directing photo shoots, developing new materials for the site, and creating success stories highlighting implementations of PYFP in specific schools.

MMS continues to support with the EdReach platform that powers PYFP’s funding application/review process and member portal, all built on a well-maintained national database of schools and districts.