Project Profiles


FORTUNE Magazine

MMS Education marketed FORTUNE Magazine for Time, Inc. through the FORTUNE Education Program. The program provided college students low-cost subscriptions to FORTUNE Magazine, plus resource materials for professors to help them use the magazine in their business classes. We developed popular teaching resources such as the FORTUNE Preview Guide and quizzes based on magazine content as well as online resources to help professors present business information to their students in a timely, engaging manner.

We also developed a targeted email marketing program that delivered FORTUNE magazine samples to participating professors as each semester began. Combined with precisely timed follow-up based on varying college start dates, this program was successful in retaining a high rate of participating professors each semester. Year after year, we grew the number of subscriptions, the number of new orders, and total program revenue.

In order to expedite an early subscription start for students, we also handled online data entry into Time’s subscription fulfillment system. We were one of only a few vendors permitted to access that system. Our dedicated team managed both the education marketing and sales initiatives in higher education and customer service designed to deliver a seamless experience for professors.