Project Profiles

MyOn Reader

Capstone Digital’s myON® reader

Capstone Digital develops and supports award-winning personalized learning environments that empower students to track their reading growth and achieve success across the curriculum.

Launched in 2010, Capstone Digital’s online program, myON reader, allows students to select books that appeal to them from a digital library of over 9,000 books. When myON was first launched, it grew very quickly and Capstone Digital needed help supporting their expanding customer base and increasing the utilization of myON reader.

As part of a seamless and coordinated customer support plan, MMS Education began working with customers after they received product training and completed the initial implementation program, both provided by Capstone Digital. The MMS team worked with customers to explore issues that could have hampered utilization and offered creative and actionable ideas to help teachers utilize myON reader more effectively with their students. When needed, the MMS team escalated issues as well as shared sales and support opportunities with Capstone Digital. Whether sharing myON reader’s best practices, the latest product or company news, or resolving Tier 1 technical support issues, MMS Education helped Capstone Digital reach their goals of providing meaningful customer engagement and increasing product utilization.