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About Phong:
Phong joined MMS in 2014. As Database Developer, Phong is responsible for generating reports based on clients’ requests as well as developing and maintaining client websites, including the School Market Access website, the COVID-19 Emergency School Meal Delivery Fund website and the Adcap AdVenture Capital website.  

Phong’s favorite part of the job is problem solving and overcoming a wide variety of challenges while programming. Phong finds joy in approaching these challenges with creativity, passion and practicality to meet clients’ needs and advance the MMS team’s goal of effecting positive change for schools and students. 

Prior to joining MMS, Phong studied computer science at Burlington County College and Rowan University, and served as a junior developer for Comcast. Both his academic and internship experiences provided Phong with developer experience and the knowledge to assist MMS in building new applications, in addition to helping MMS evolve in response to new technology. 

Childhood Dream Job: Doctor


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